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Get More Customers Without More Cost

Get More Customers Without More Cost

A common problem a lot of businesses have is getting more customers without spending more on advertising.

A simple solution - use your past database of previous customers.

Depending on if you're using software or doing it the good old fashioned way, this can be done for FREE. Send an email or a text to previous customers.

Yep. That's it.

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Get More Customers

Without More Cost

Here's the what and the why.

Send a message that is personalized to the recipient. Don't copy/paste every detail as that is easily noticed. Let them know that you appreciate their business from x day/weeks/months/years ago and find out how the project is holding up. Then a simple ask is all it takes.

Why do this? It's free, they trust you already, you're building a long term relationship with clients, and they know people you don't know.

Need some inspiration?

Here's an example -

"Hey John - I was just thinking about the roof replacement we helped out with about 6 months ago. It was great working with you and meeting your awesome family!

I like to do a quality audit on myself every now and then. How is everything holding up?

In addition to letting me know how things are going, please know that I am open to working with your friends and family. I always send a $50 gift card as my appreciation for sending referrals my way.

I look forward to hearing how things are going with you, the family, and the roof.


Mr Roofer"

Don't let a database of previous customer data just sit there stagnant. You earned it, so use it!